Chapter 3: Building Blocks for Your New Business

Naming Your Business


Grid comparing company names and taglines


Business Plan Basics

1. What does your company do?

2. Business model (Translation: How will your company make money?)

3. The market and competition

4. Marketing

5. Short and long term goals

6. Milestones

Build Your Business A-Team

At-A-Glance Grid: What You Can Do and What You Can/Should Outsource

Checklist: 20 Questions to Ask a Bookkeeper or Accountant

At-A-Glance Grid: What a Bookkeeper Can Do Versus an Accountant

Checklist: 12 Questions to ask a lawyer (IMPORTANT: this is no longer a grid)

Naming Your Business, Legally


Structuring Your Business

At-A-Glance Grid: S Corp Versus C Corp

At-A-Glance Grid: Comparing Business Structures


Let’s Talk Taxes


Getting an EIN

Getting A Business License

At-A-Glance Grid: Permitting Options


Getting Insurance

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