Just in Time for Last Minute Holiday Shopping!

Yes, it’s that time of year! We’ve compiled a list of some quick, last-minute stocking stuffer-sized gifts for this holiday season.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest our book, Mom, Incorporated, as the perfect gift for a mom or mom-to-be in your life. Whether you get the actual book or gift the Kindle version, you’ll be giving a gift of empowerment, inspiration, motivation and information.

In the spirit of giving, here are some more gift ideas for the mom entrepreneur or inspiring mom entrepreneur in your life.

Plug Bug Charger – Every home office needs a Plug Bug Charger that lets you charge both your Macbook and iOS device or any other device with a USB charger.

Rollup Travel Charger – Stylish, versatile, and not totally Mac-specific, this multi-charging unit is super compact with a lovely cover that rolls everything up compactly. Perfect for tossing in your bag when out and about or working from the road.

PowerCurl – Another Mac-lover’s dream product (yes, we love Macs). Nest your Macbook cord within this handy, colorful contraption, an innovative creation on the Quirky.com site. Finally, the power cord is tamed!

Pivot Power – If you have a power strip, you know how clunky they can be. Why not give the gift of a pivotable power surge protecting power strip? With home offices often cramped into small spaces, being able to curve your power strip around corners could be just the thing!

Cordies – So many cords, so much frustration! Cordies comes in vibrant colors with five grips and four slots to look great while holding cords in place on a desk or flat surface. (As you can tell: Love Quirky.com!)

Office Supplies Container – What a beautiful white glazed porcelain holder for small office supplies like paperclips or push pins. While lovely and function, this probably goes under the category “keep out of reach of tiny little hands.”

Chalk Wall Calendar – This clever vinyl wall decal calendar gives you space to write down what’s coming up during the month as well as provides a space for additional reminder notes. The erasable Chalk Ink Marker comes separate (oooh, stocking stuffer!)

What great home office finds are you finding online?


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