Mom, Incorporated Is Available on Kindle

The answer is YES….as in ‘YES’, Mom, Incorporated is now available on Kindle.

We’ve been waiting and are thrilled to announce that today is the day.

The move to add the electronic version of our book was expedited after we made the request to our Publisher, Sellers Publishing.  They had been planning to add  electronic versions for all of their books, but knew it was going to take some time.  However, at the request of readers like you?  They made it happen in just weeks instead of the months they had originally planned.

Every day someone asks if Mom, Incorporated is available on Kindle.  Until now, I had to smile and say, “it is coming soon….”  But now, a simple ‘yes’ takes care of the whole thing.

We know so many of you are on the go – and we are delighted to now offer the ease of being able to take Mom, Incorporated with you as you plan the beginnings of your new business!

Get the Kindle version of Mom, Incorporated!


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