Introducing our Mom Incorporated Book Tour Sponsors!

We wanted to introduce you to our main book tour sponsors for the Mom, Incorporated book tour and thank them publicly for their support as we embark on our 10+ city tour.

Wine Sisterhood

Wine Sisterhood is a big supporter of women’s causes and are building a vibrant community for women who love wine that goes beyond just wine but celebrates girlfriend gatherings, food, entertaining and more. Aliza has been working closely with Wine Sisterhood, first on their social media initiatives and now with their appearances at women’s conferences and their foray into mobile including the creation of their Drink-u-lator iPhone and Android app. At select Mom, Incorporated book tour events, we’ll be pouring some of their wines such as Sweet and Sassy, Sweetie Pie and Purple Cowboy.

Join the Wine Sisterhood on Facebook!

Or follow them on Twitter @winesisterhood.

LikeList is a website that helps you compile and share lists of the businesses you love with your friends and to get smart and trusted recommendations from them. Who better to recommend restaurants or doctors and dentists or hotels or tourist attractions, you name it, than the people who you know? Instead of getting random reviews from total strangers, you can search your friends’ lists or pose a question to them. In return, you get genuine recommendations based on experience from the folks in your life who care enough to provide you with quality information. You can also mark recommendations to try in your TryList.

Sign up today to start making your LikeLists!

You can also follow them on Twitter @LikeList and like them on Facebook.

Special thanks to DotMine for the cute and handy day planners that we’ll be giving away at each of our book events! Dotmine Day Planners has been making award-winning products for moms, students and professionals since 2001. As moms themselves who know well the challenges and joys of growing a business while raising a family, they are helping us support the launch of Mom, Incorporated! Their mission is to celebrate all women who are defining life on their own terms. Find them at

Check them out and use Code “MOMINC20” for a 20% discount starting today!

And a warm thanks to GM for providing us with a Chevy Volt to drive around South Florida this weekend! #voltmoms are rocking the car!

We couldn’t do our book tour without the generous support of these companies along with others who are sponsoring us locally.

We thank you!


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