Mom, Incorporated is a ‘Hot New Release’

This is a milestone for us.

“Mom, Incorporated” is not only on the “Hot New Release” list for Women in Business, but look at this…. we were giddy to see it as number 4!  This past week, as our book moved from ‘pre-sale’ to actually ‘for sale’ on Amazon, we watched in awe as the numbers dropped from nine copies available to six, to three, to an amazing “This Book is SOLD OUT”!

While it did feel a touch surreal, it is, naturally, re-stocked and we are back-to-reality and just thrilled to be here….getting ready to kick off our book tour.  We are starting this Saturday in South Florida and then will begin our move up the East Coast.  We will be joined in Florida and Atlanta by our good friend, Heather Solos – and we certainly hope to see YOU there.

We would be remiss if we didn’t *also* share that we broke the Top 20 Best Selling Women in Business books as well and are hoping to see ‘Mom, Incorporated’ continue to inch its way towards the #1….and hey….wouldn’t it be fun to see it rank in business books too, not just women in business?


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