Mom, Incorporated’s First Two Reviews!

The reviews for Mom, Incorporated: A Guide to Business + Baby are starting to come in, and we’re pleased to report that the first two are decidedly thumbs up!

First is Lauren Lloyd’s analysis for ForeWord, which reviews books from small presses for librarians, booksellers and 125,000 website visitors.

“Mom, Incorporated serves up a wealth of knowledge; not only does the book cover the broad strokes, it also zooms in on smaller details like securing a domain name and crunching numbers,” ForWard says. It concludes: “After flipping through pages of such tried-and-true knowledge, the reader is left with a sense of empowerment to accomplish what might once have seemed impossible.”

Read the full review.

Library Journal calls Mom, Incorporated “a helpful business resource for parents.”

According to the Journal, “Sherman (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing) and Smith (founder, provide the nuts and bolts for parents wanting to start a home-based service- or product-oriented business. They introduce the KISS principle—Keep it Simple, Sister!—and include handy planning worksheets throughout (also available for download via”

Read the full review.

We couldn’t ask for better reviews right out of the gate. Can’t wait to hear what YOU think!


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