The Book

Mom, Incorporated is a holistic, realistic guide to starting and growing a business with a baby or small children in your midst.

Written by popular social media personalities Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman and featuring 88 women from across the country and Canada sharing stories and advice about home-based businesses and the work/life juggle.

Forget about balance! It’s all about the JUGGLE!

See What People Are Saying About Mom, Incorporated!

ForeWord says…

“Mom, Incorporated serves up a wealth of knowledge; not only does the book cover the broad strokes, it also zooms in on smaller details like securing a domain name and crunching numbers,” ForWard says. It concludes: “After flipping through pages of such tried-and-true knowledge, the reader is left with a sense of empowerment to accomplish what might once have seemed impossible.” Read the whole review.

Library Journal says…

“Sherman (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing) and Smith (founder, provide the nuts and bolts for parents wanting to start a home-based service- or product-oriented business. They introduce the KISS principle—Keep it Simple, Sister!—and include handy planning worksheets throughout (also available for download via” Read the whole review.

More Reviews…

I wish I had had MOM, Incorporated to help me get started. Aliza Sherman and Danielle Smith do a wonderful job of helping you come up with a plan, and then put it into action. MOM, Incorporated is, first and foremost, a book about starting your own business. But it’s geared toward women (and men) who have families and aren’t willing to ignore them to get ahead. Read the whole review.

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